Your business runs on documents, including documents you have to print. But you don’t need to worry about maintaining your print devices yourself.

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Sitting on your desk, on top of that filing cabinet in the corner, or standing in the hallway is a too-often overlooked way to improve your bottom line. Not to mention your mental energy savings in not having to worry about this stuff any more.

Let us manage your equipment and save you some money too.

Let’s begin.

Answer these questions:
  • Do you know how much you print?
  • Do you know what it costs to print a single page on each of your devices?
  • How many printers/copiers/MFPs do you have?
  • Do you need all of them?
  • How often are they out of service?
  • Do you have more than one company servicing your devices?
  • Are you tired of running out of ink or toner and scrambling to find them?
  • Do you really care about your printing devices (beyond simply wanting them to work of course?)

What we’re talking about is called “managed print services" (MPS) or “printer fleet management.” MPS provides management and control over your printing – by understanding your current environment and optimizing it , you’ll boost productivity and save money. MPS is a simple way of handing off the headache of managing your print devices.

It’s not just printers, but control of all of your document output devices – multi-function peripherals, copiers, scanners, and fax machines are all included too.

The first step is to find out how much you’re printing. We can start the process with a free print assessment.

Our assessment is “free-free” – no strings attached. No upfront commitment. No pressure. And it takes less than an hour. 

Not a bad “non-commitment” to potentially trim 30% off of your printing costs.


Most organizations save 30% on their document output and printing costs – while increasing the security of their documents – with managed print services.

Restructure your print environment and reduce your overhead costs while increasing productivity. We can start the process with a free analysis. Are you ready to:

  • Reduce cost by 30% (on average)
  • Have one source of supply and service for all of your equipment
  • Receive just in time supply – and never run out of toner again
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Drastically reduce equipment problems and downtime
It’s time to look into our Complete Customer Care package.

Our all-inclusive complete customer care of your printers and copiers gives you:
  • Analysis: a complete analysis of your current equipment, environment, volumes, expenses, and usage.
  • Asset Management: restructuring and placement of equipment, remote monitoring of equipment and volumes, customized billing, and periodic cost reduction reviews.
  • Consumables: Includes all toner and cartridges. Our consumables replacement program ensures you always have the supplies you need.
  • On-Site Service: Preventive maintenance reduces service calls and increases uptime.
  • Includes all parts, service, labor, and a 4-hour guaranteed service response time.

We look forward to working with you and helping you stop over-spending on print.

  • No commitment
  • No pressure
  • And it doesn’t take that long


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