Different industries have different “quirks” that make applying generic technology “solutions” nearly impossible. Regularly-sized printers and copiers aren’t exactly a good fit in the building industry since building plans and blueprints are larger than most business’ 8.5” x 11” documents. That’s obvious, of course. Less obvious is that special viewing software and delicate paper handling are also important parts of serving our area’s construction firms. Let’s talk education and religious institutions. They each have a common need to print (yes, print – there’s not always an app for that) materials for fundraisers, events (your daughter’s choir program and weekly order of service, respectively), and newsletters.

Healthcare’s mix of regulations and varied office documents require time to get up-to-speed. You don’t want to have to teach your technology partner about your industry. You want your partner to be able to help you identify where technology can be employed best to make your business operate more efficiently.

We combine our in-depth knowledge and expertise in office equipment (copiers, multi-function peripherals, fax machines, and printers) and apply that expertise to how different industries operate. Layered on top of this knowledge is our ability to apply software as needed to improve business processes and automate and digitize document management – many companies can even be completely (or at least mostly) paperless.

Regardless of industry or the particulars of the solution that we provide, our goal is give our customers complete care and superb services. We want you to worry about running your business. We’ll apply the right technology-based solution to help you do that.

Over our 27 years in business, we’ve developed broad and deep knowledge across a number of markets.

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