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There are many costs associated with running copiers & printers. There is money cost as well as the cost of being frustrated or overwhelmed with copier "issues" 


MP Copiers  can usually solve all those problems & issues!


Many companies are overpaying for their copiers and printers. We can tell you, at no charge,  how much you are paying . We offer this to anyone, not just our customers.  Knowledge is wealth. 

Most, as high as 9 out of 10,  companies don’t know how much they spend on the documents they print, though estimates are many companies will spend between 1% and 3% of annual revenue on printing.


Stop wondering and contact us today!

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'Costs" involved:

1. The direct costs of paper, toner cartridges, device repair, and maintenance

2. The administration and management costs of handling the direct costs

3. More pages printed often equals more imaging costs

4. IT time spent on printing device management issues; distracting from IT’s core intiatives

5. Lack of device placement strategy means that high-cost devices could recieve a higher volume of pages that could be routed to a lower-cost device

Additional Costs: Equally important, there’s the frustration and annoyance of having to deal with a down copier or printer when you have more important things to take care of:

1. You don’t care what brand of printer you use (can you name any anyway?), you just want it to work. We guarantee our service.

2. How annoying is it to look for someone to fix your scanner, printer, copier, fax, etc.?

3. How annoying is it to look for someone to fix your copier AND your printer AND your scanner because the copier repairman won’t fix the printer brand you have and vice versa?

MP Copiers, Inc. works on all brands of copiers and printers.

Stop searching and call us today! 

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