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Posted by staff on Jul 25, 2018 3:08:05 PM

Time to refresh your print fleet

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The Document Scanning Process

Posted by Mark Yingling on Sep 15, 2015 7:50:16 AM

Over the past few weeks, we’ve mentioned document scanning and document imaging a few times while discussing the value of your copier/multifunction printer. Sometimes, it’s hard to picture how technology can work for you without a solid understanding of the process. This post will briefly outline the document capture process. Before we begin, a caveat. Note that capture, while simple in what it does, is very complex and a technically sophisticated set of technologies behind a façade of simplicity (there really is an app for that). In larger organizations and at high volumes, capture becomes a complex task, albeit one with a proven ROI. Research from AIIM indicates that most capture installations report ROI in fewer than 12 months, often in less than half a year.


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What Does My Copier Have to do With Patient Focus?

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jul 24, 2015 12:50:54 PM

We are all in business. Everyone has customers. It’s just that, when we go to the doctor, as customers, we’re all called “patients.”


If you help to manage a medical practice*, you know there is a lot of paperwork – billing, invoices, patient files, etc. Hopefully, your “paperwork” isn’t entirely still paper. If it is (or even if “only” some of it is), read on.


Does this sound familiar:

A new patient enters your practice. You then scan his insurance card and hand him a clipboard with new patient information. After struggling to remember if his grandparents had any medical conditions, he hands the paper form back to you; along with his signed HIPAA statement. You label a manila folder and start placing his documents in it. The file is handed to the nurse. The nurse hands the file to the doctor. The Doc adds his notes to the file . . . eventually the manila folder ends up in a filing cabinet after a stop to be coded for billing. A few months later, back comes your patient and the paper hand off continues on.


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