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Mark Yingling President MP Copiers Inc.

 In honor of our 25th anniversary we thought we would  share more about the history of MP Copiers Inc. So, here is "5 minutes with Mark" 

 I was recently interviewed by prince william living (article link below) and asked these questions: 

" 1. Where are you from? I was born overseas because my father worked for the state dept. Grew up mostly overseas then settled in Manassas Va.

2. Can you describe your company and what it does in two or three sentences? 

MP Copiers is an authorized copier and printer dealer. We offer office equipment sales and service as well as document management to all of Northern VA as well as Md & DC. 

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2018!

3. How did you get into the industry, and how did the company come to be? 

Back In the early 90s after returning from active duty, as a Marine, during the first gulf war,  I worked as a technician for another copier dealer in Manassas.  That company eventually sold to a company in Arlington VA. As a technician for my original company I was focused on taking care of my customers and getting their equipment up and going in a timely manner. The company I was now working for didn’t put the emphasis on customer service I was use to providing.  At this point I felt I couldn’t do my job effectively. I was frustrated and the customers were frustrated.  In 1993 I, along with my then girlfriend now wife Denise, started MP Copier Service. Within a few years we became more than just a service company.  Due to our successful service company, we had many manufacturers asking us to sell their products. We now offer equipment from some of the top copier and printer companies in the industry. We pride ourselves with offering local personal service while having our equipment backed by high tech companies. Having a sense of community and being able to offer the best equipment and service in the industry is one of the secrets to our success. We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. 

4. How do you define community?

 Having a sense of community to MP Copiers means taking care of all businesses we are proud to call our customers, with the same measure of importance, from the small business person up to the large corporations. Community means being there for the organizations that need some extra support and working with other business to make a prosperous environment for everyone. Community to us is more than just doing business in the area.

 5 .What are the most important aspects of community, as you see them?

We as a company offer honest and straightforward service. Supporting other local businesses and helping nonprofit organizations reach their full potential is the key to a successful community.

 6. How do you like to support the community and why?

 We attend many business functions and network with other businesses in the community. Being able to sponsor charity events and donate to local charities is the most rewarding part of running this business.  One of the things we are most proud of is our copier donation project. We donate equipment to non profit organizations. The feedback we receive is overwhelming. Knowing you are making a difference to those around you is the best feeling.

7. How does being "home grown" affect how you do business in the community?

 This area is where I grew up and where I live so, I want it to prosper and grow. If I can help out and make it better then you can be assured I will.

 8. What advice would you offer other area businesses, especially those just starting out?

 Get involved in the world around you. Give back to your community. Be honest & fair and believe in yourself and your business." 


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