Posted by Mark Yingling on Sep 1, 2015 4:19:46 PM

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: if your copier isn’t working then your business documents aren’t flowing or working as smoothly as they need to be either. If you’re a large enough company, you can reroute your print, copy, scan, or fax job to other devices. Of course, then you may be getting in the way of your co-workers, or having to waste time walking to another corner of the office.


Your business is most efficient when all of your office equipment is humming along smoothly.


Equipment uptime is one key to business success. If your equipment is stopping and starting, so are your employees.

While an investment in a digital copier can be substantial, the productivity savings from having the correct device – and more importantly one that works – is hard to overstate. By correct, we mean the ability to handle (print, scan, copy) the volume that you need, whether with a single or multiple pieces of equipment. If you’re sending too many copies or print jobs to a scanner that can’t handle that volume, that device will almost certainly be down for maintenance more often.


If you are experiencing the need for copier repair and repeated maintenance, the time you spend

  • calling the technician,
  • showing the technician the problem, and
  • double-checking that the fix is working

can quickly add up to quite a bit of wasted time and energy. And that’s even before having to spend time catching up on your work. Equipment that doesn’t work consistently can also be a drain on office morale – it’s annoying when equipment doesn’t work as it should. Copier repairs are time-consuming.


One final tip to keep in mind when investing in a copier – unless you have a great IT staff with time on their hands, think about set up when you purchase one. The owner’s manual for today’s digital copier is thick. It’s not quite as simple as setting up your desktop multifunction printer in your home office. Having someone set up your copier for you (deliver, unpack, connect, and show you how it works) is a great way to kick start and increase office productivity.


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