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You need to make a few quick copies of insurance information. Sally in finance needs to print a run of invoices. Jack needs to scan a stack of new patient records. So you all meet at the local copier and wait 10 minutes while the invoices print, then tap your fingers impatiently as Jack scans in multiple paper files. Fifteen minutes after you got up from your desk, you’ve finally managed to make those copies.


While it was good to make plans for the weekend, you could have spent your 15 minutes more productively. And how many times is some variation of this scene reenacted over the course of the year? That’s a fair amount of lost productive time standing in line in your office.

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Protect Your Office Equipment: Plug In To a Power Conditioner

Posted by Mark Yingling on Aug 10, 2015 9:01:13 AM

Your copiers, printers, scanners, and other office equipment require substantial investment (from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars) and need to be taken care of so that they last. I bet you didn’t realize that one of the simplest ways to protect your investment in your office equipment – and keep them running – depends on what you plug them into.

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My Copies Have Black Lines – How Can I Fix It?

Posted by Mark Yingling on Aug 5, 2015 8:35:00 AM

Little black dresses at cocktail parties are 100% classic. Little black dots or lines on your copies are just 100% annoying. Fortunately, the solution is usually fairly simple; requiring some cleaning materials and a bit of elbow grease.

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Fixing Your Broken Copier (And Printer. And Scanner)

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jul 31, 2015 3:16:28 PM

Machines break. At some point, your copier or printer or computer or iPad or iPhone or, you get the point, will stop working either because something inside of the equipment broke or the software goes haywire. Broken copiers mean lost productivity.

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What Does My Copier Have to do With Patient Focus?

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jul 24, 2015 12:50:54 PM

We are all in business. Everyone has customers. It’s just that, when we go to the doctor, as customers, we’re all called “patients.”


If you help to manage a medical practice*, you know there is a lot of paperwork – billing, invoices, patient files, etc. Hopefully, your “paperwork” isn’t entirely still paper. If it is (or even if “only” some of it is), read on.


Does this sound familiar:

A new patient enters your practice. You then scan his insurance card and hand him a clipboard with new patient information. After struggling to remember if his grandparents had any medical conditions, he hands the paper form back to you; along with his signed HIPAA statement. You label a manila folder and start placing his documents in it. The file is handed to the nurse. The nurse hands the file to the doctor. The Doc adds his notes to the file . . . eventually the manila folder ends up in a filing cabinet after a stop to be coded for billing. A few months later, back comes your patient and the paper hand off continues on.


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7 Tips to Increase Copier Uptime for Productivity

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jul 17, 2015 12:32:00 PM

There are few things in (work) life more annoying than pushing “print”, walking over to your copier or printer, and then seeing only an empty tray – and a flashing light on the display screen.

Printers, copiers, and scanners each have a large number of moving parts. We’re going to focus on multi-function peripherals (MFPs, you probably call them your copier) today. Some of the larger multi-function peripherals have thousands of parts. While these products from every manufacturer are extremely reliable, they will break, the software will “hiccup” – something will happen that can be a drag on your productivity for a few hours.

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Technology Trends for Doctors’ Offices

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jul 15, 2015 10:47:12 AM

Here’s a quartet of articles that will improve your understanding of technology and how to apply it to improve the efficiency of your healthcare practice. These four articles address security, training, document imaging, and technology trends you should be aware of – if you aren’t already.


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5 Technology Trends Driving Family Practice Success

Even if you’re larger than a family practice, these are technology trends you need to be aware of. This short whitepaper outlines and explains five trends that can help practice profitability. These are:

    1. Shifting to the cloud to reduce costs and gain convenience
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Anyone Could Use a Copier

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jul 7, 2015 10:49:31 AM

“I don’t work in a large office, there’s no way I need a huge piece of office equipment like a copier. Your title is wrong,” I can imagine some of you thinking. Read on, I think I can change your mind. 

First off, printer ink is expensive. When you buy an “inexpensive” MFP or printer from a big box store, you think you’re getting a deal and the ability to print office documents economically. Not really. Depending on the printer, how much you print, and the yield (number of documents you can print from each ink cartridge), you could easily pay double, triple, or more than what you paid for the printer in just ink. If you’ve ever bought a razor on sale and then experienced sticker shock when you bought blades, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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ICD-10ICD-10 Is Coming

Posted by Mark Yingling on Jun 11, 2015 2:04:49 PM

You know what ICD-10 is and how it’s going to affect your workload in the coming months before the deadline more than we do. We empathize at the explosion of 13,000 to 68,000 medical codes. Though with the AMA pressing for another delay – a two year delay – maybe the deadline will move again.

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Posted by Mark Yingling on Jun 5, 2015 5:28:00 PM

Welcome to our new website, which we created for you. We’ve reorganized and refreshed it so that it will be easier for you to find the information you want and to give you a clear picture of what we offer. We’ve also added this blog, through which we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you – helping you with ideas to make your business more effective.

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